Esper Care

Owned by Aetherveil FC

Phoenix, The Goblet
Ward 19, Plot 43

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday 22nd Sept - 6pm Server Time
Wednesday 6th Oct - 6pm Server Time
(Art Therapy Night)
Wednesday 20th Oct - 6pm Server Time

Nestled atop the peak of the Goblet, this health and well-being clinic currently has a cast of healers, not to mention it's the perfect place to relax within the mountains.

Visit via foot, or use our localized mini aetheryte to travel straight to the front door.

Esper Care is a Roleplay venue specialising in healthcare and wellbeing. Aetherveil is a Phoenix roleplay Free Company.

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Arkana Grey

Arkana at the ripe age of eighty five has many years of experience in healing. In her youth she was part of a wandering sisterhood in the jungle of Golmore known as the Galdur, a group of Viera who specialised in healing the forest and it's residents.

After the Empire assault on Dalmasca and her nation, Arkana fled and eventually made her way to Eorzea where she has worked to build a new life and founded Esper Care and nurtured other talent.

Umfrey Crofte

Umfrey Crofte is an alchemist from Ala Mhigo who has studied at Frondale’s Phrontistery and the Warmwine Sanitorium. He also has experience as a barber-surgeon, treating the wounded during the Imperial occupation of Ala Mhigo and The Calamity.

Crofte can offer custom experimental treatments of his own design, in addition to the conventional medicines one may expect and traditional remedies from Gyr Abania.

Dorgene Mol

Dorgene is a Xaela of the Mol tribe who left her home on the Steppe in order to prove to herself that she could manage with her blindness after an accident which caused her disability. Due to this, she gained the ability to use a form of aether sense to help her navigate. She specialises in conjury and sensing disturbances in a person's aether. As she is blind, she will use her hands to examine physical injuries, so please don't be alarmed if she needs to do this.

Thalisaelle Yzelaire

Thalisaelle Yzelaire started her journey in life as a maidservant in manor of a noble Gridanian, where among other many things she learned triage and aetherial mending. Once she was forced to leave Twelveswood, she went through a series of less than mediocre and temporary jobs, until Arrzaneth Ossuary took her in to work as a bone servant. There she spent all of her free time to study the internal structure of people and how they passed away.

Now Thalisaelle shares her time between Arrzaneth Ossuary and Esper Café, aspiring to provide the care for people in need and if necessary to keep them on this side of Thal's Realm.

Alais Beauregard

Having assisted with finances, records, and minor tasks at an apothecary's shop for several years, it wasn't until recently that Alais joined Frondale’s Phrontistery as an apprentice.

Her knowledge of first aid and mending, inherited from her time at sea, and her compulsive need to catalog the plants and herbs that her mentor kept in the shop have been nothing more than the support she needed to advance on her path. Alais is just looking for the tools that will allow her to help everyone else.

Leanen Shee

Leanan is, as seen in her profile, quite young. She's had a relatively bad life until basically being adopted into a new family. Because of how her brothers are she was taught first aid and herbal medicines by her adoptive mother and developed a small proficiency with magic in their presence as well.

Whilst she's not lacking for skills and knowledge really, she is lacking in experience, both medically and of the world as a whole.
Polite and well mannered, she'll do her best to help out and not be a hindrance whilst learning what she can to do that better.

Atori Kaisuri

A woman highly skilled in magick and aetherial manipulation, she hails from the far east though wishes she had matured Sharlayan instead.

Atori's unique Echo ability gives her an edge in experimental therapy, able to summon visions based on the patient's memories, hopes, and fears, with the aid of her crystal focus.

Violet Fairfax

Violet Fairfax was born the daughter of a knight of the Holy See of Ishgard. She has spent many years studying healing magicks and conjury under the tutelage of the expert mages of Stillglade Fane.

She has a particular interest in the application of healing spells in the treatment of psychiatric disorders. Consequently, she currently works as an alienist at the Esper Care clinic in Ul’dah. She provides tailored psychotherapy services augmented with healing magicks where appropriate.

Zehira Bosier

Zehira Bosier is just eighteen years old and already the head of the Bosier trading company in Ishgard.
She is a friendly and collected person acting way mature than other of her age.

Her uncle had decided to send her to Eorzea to get to know the wares and customs of the people there and decided to apply then for a job at the Esper care clinic. The elezen provides the people there with healing and meals with tea for their patients and visitors well-being.

Yersinia Coli

Sixty summers young and newly retired, Yersinia used her pension to travel to Eorzea, revisiting places she recalls from her youth. However, a Sharlayan's thirst for knowledge is never sated; curious about Esper Care's medical technology, she uses her laboratory experience to run tests for patients, working the graveyard shift long after the staff have left for the day.


Please note that when using the onsen we require all clients to wear basic underwear or swimwear, and to shower before entering the communal bath. All visitors to Esper must behave and speak in a SFW manner. Thank you.

  • Healing of both magical and non-magical nature

  • Counselling of the mind

  • Meditation and exercises

  • Massage and Premier Massage

  • Downstairs Baths

  • Private Chamber Garden Baths

  • Café

  • Chemist


With the expansion of Esper Care, we have opportunities to introduce more services. We now offer 'Premier Massage' as we found they are a popular request.

While we still offer simple massage for aches and pains, we are also now offering massages for relaxation, including aromatherapy, hot stone massage, etc, for a fixed amount of time, and in a new, private chamber.

Currently the rates are 1,000 gil for each minute, working out to 20k gil for 20 minutes of massage, 30k for 30 minutes, and so on.

If you are interested please contact a member of staff (you can find our staff listing on our carrd, or join our discord server and arrange something there). We currently have one single room and one double room for couples.

Please note that this is not an ERP experience.